• There are a rapid increase in the use of VR-technology in many areas, but the glasses are still quite big and clumsy. Voice activated technology plays an important part in the use of VR. Most of the VR-technology is used for games and entertainment, but with continuing gamification trend in education there are an increase in schools as well.

    Future Voice VR Tags
  • Batteries can now be powered by the body, either by body-heat, suncells or body-movement. Advanced neural network power consumption is reduced by 95 % since 2024. OLED-screens with super-high resolution makes up the screen of the SmartLens. VR- and AR-glasses are already used a lot in education. The glasses are getting smaller, but they’re still quite large. AI has become a lot smarter and interacts almost seamlessly with people and surroundings. Education still follows the same teaching methods as ten years ago, but some leading universities are using fully implemented STEAM powered by VR/AR technologies.

    A new curriculum is presented with connectivism as the most important principle. Learning is more user centric than ever.

  • The first SmartLens prototype is launched at the Web Summit 2028. All the major tech companies, including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon starts working on commercialising the SmartLens. It is anticipated that the smart lens will revolutionise people’s lives and that literally everyone will have one within the next two years.

    LMS developers are designing the interfaces and cool learning experiences for SmartLens.

  • The SmartLens is a huge success. Exponential development of technology has made the production costs almost zero, and many companies are providing SmartLens for free. The developers finds a variety of new uses, especially within health care. IoT makes it possible to use SmartLens and other products such as HearWell and SmartClothes to get instant and personal feedback in areas such as sports, education and health care. This has already revolutionised education, assessment for learning and learning for life.

    A recording, transmitting and sharing function will soon implemented. This will make the SmartLens even smarter and more social. Impressions, views and visual experiences can be shared instantly. Netflix and Facebook are very interested in this technology.

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